Ceiling Demolition Postponed! Co-op Work Weekend Still Happening

Ceiling Demolition Has Been Postponed!
We have a bit of bad news.  We met with the Burlington Fire Department and with our current sprinkler system contractor.  They were quite nice, gracious, and supportive of our efforts, but after discussing our short and mid term goals, we have determined that it would be in the co-op’s best interest to wait until just before the beginning of the official roof renovation to remove the tiles. That way we won’t have to pay our sprinkler system contractor to have the lower sprinklers capped off (a requirement for removing the ceiling tiles). If we time the ceiling tile removal to happen just before construction starts on the roof, we save the added expense because the sprinkler system will be replaced around that time anyway.

But we are still having a work party this weekend
It’s a bummer, we know, but we still have plenty of other demo and general housekeeping projects left to do. So the show will go on, but we will be leaving the tiles up until a little later.  The tile demolition party will happen eventually, but has been officially postponed.  We still look forward to seeing anyone still interested in coming down, there’s still plenty to keep us occupied.

Hope to see you there.

Nate Perry

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