CSM in the News: “Program for ex-convicts partners with downtown co-op”

The Burlington Times News published an article on Company Shops Market’s decision to hire Sustainable Alamance to take down and salvage the old wooden ceiling framework in our building.  Here are a few quotes from the article. Read it in full on the Times-News Website.

“This was a perfect match for us,” said co-op board member Eric Henry. “Before the big work could be done by the contractors, this had to get done. Instead of bringing in a crew like what usually happens, we wanted to work with the community and give jobs to people who really need jobs the most.”

Phil Bowers, Sustainable Alamance director, says… Ex-convicts are often overlooked in unemployment figures and have a more difficult time than most people when looking for jobs….“We are trying to find the guys who really want out of the system,” Bowers said. “This demonstrates that there are men and women in that system who want out and they’re willing to work hard to do it. You see them on a job like this — that a lot of people wouldn’t do — and you know they’re hard workers.”

Thank you to Michael Abernathy of the Time-News for writing this article and spotlighting the good work of Phil Bowers and Sustainable Alamance.


Update: In the opening frames of the video we posted on June 30th, you can see footage of Michael Abernathy of the Times News interviewing CSM board member Eric Henry.

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