What’s On Sale? The Chrispness of Apple Season Is In The Air!

What’s On Sale?

Specials & Features:

Mother Nature has given us a taste of fall weather. It’s time to pull out your sweaters and get ready for the trees to burst out in brilliant reds, yellows oranges. Speaking of reds, yellows and greens, the cool chill of fall is also the sign that apple season is coming. We are celebrating with a number of apple themed goodies such as apple pie, apple cake, and apple streusel. Plus a bounty of local apples in our produce section. ~ Sarah C.

Inside this issue you will also find a recipe for Chicken with Pasta and Broccoli. What else is on special now? Check out our in-store flyer:


Sept 14 – Oct 4, 2011 – While Supplies Last! (pdf)

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