Gluten Free Workshops on June 1 at Company Shops

Gluten free at company shops market

About the Workshops

Both of these workshops are presented in partnership with Ryanna Battiste of Grub, a food education organization based out of Wilmington, NC.

Part 1:  Gluten Free Pantry (1.5 hours)

10:30 am $15

What is Gluten? Where is it hidden? What are its potential effects on my body and health?

Take a peek inside our model gluten free pantry as we explore popular gluten free items, discuss ancient grains, and even show you how to make your own gluten free flour blend.

Together we will look at an overview of the digestive system with an emphasis on how common symptoms of gluten intolerance manifest in the body, and offer tips for ways to restore your whole health via the gut.

Break for Lunch

Part 2: Real Food Meal Plans (2 hours)

1pm $25

This class will cover the basics of theory, planning, and execution of cooking for your weekly eating goals!

We will focus on recipe sourcing, essential kitchen equipment, menu planning, and creative cooking strategies (including batches and bowls!)

Join us for an empowering workshop, and leave with the confidence and tools to nourish you and your family all week long.

All recipes and meal ideas are naturally Gluten Free!

To Register
You can call 336-223-0390 and register by speaking with any staff person, or emailing Please designate whether you are interested in the morning class, the afternoon class, or both. Morning class, $15. Afternoon class, $25; $35 for both classes.

About Grub

GRUB offers back-to-basics education with a modern-day approach, so you are empowered to shop, cook and enjoy nourishing foods that have the power to heal. We have a simple vision: a community inspired and excited to choose real foods.

About Ryanna Battiste

Ryanna Battiste began to love food at age 7, when survival in a family of 6 kids meant learning how to scramble yourself an egg if someone ate the last piece of chicken before you got your first. In Summer 2007, she studied at the Apicius Culinary School in Florence Italy where she learned the importance of cooking with fresh ingredients, and returned home passionate about adding locally sourced produce to her home-cooked creations. In 2008, as she sought to get to the bottom of her deteriorating health and her sons extreme colic, Ryanna was floored to realize that food was closely linked to their every symptom. As a response to what she felt was a serious lack of support and resources in helping consumers make informed food choices and truly listen to their bodies, Battiste opened GRUB, a place for Community Food Education in Wilmington NC. She has a passion for helping individuals choose real foods by offering classes, workshops and support both at the GRUB house and throughout Southeastern NC. She proudly serves on the board of directors at Tidal Creek Cooperative Market in Wilmington.

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